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At SASW, the word ‘family’ means a whole lot more than just being a part of a team. We believe that scaling up is not a reflection of how many people are working here, but rather how many potential leaders we are incubating. Our work environment is heralded as an equal, unbiased, innovation-centric space.

You will also be privy to years of experience that have played a strong part in India’s ever-changing architectural landscape. Working in a bubble is not what we do; we work across the board. Everything we do is for the unified goal of delivering to match our high standards.

Here are the positions we’re looking forward to filling at SASW:

Senior Interior Designer

  • Minimum 5 years experience, working specifically on Interior Design projects
  • Leadership and mentorship capabilities
  • Well versed with software like Autocad, Coreldraw, Photoshop, Indesign and Sketchup
  • Project management and communication expertise
Intern with us

Getting a good start to your career is vital, and we believe in providing the right environment for young talent. Interning at SASW enables budding architects and designers like you with the set of skills needed to go into practice. Getting invaluable insight and learnings about the industry will help you define the roadmap to your career. We believe that the sea of change in our line of work is pioneered by the new generation, and giving you the platform to do so is our goal.

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