Culture defines people.
People define culture.
Culture defines people.
People define culture.
Founder’s Note

‘People-centric’ design is a term that is commonly heard today. Back in 1996, Sathish was at the forefront of defining what the term means. His approach towards creating projects that transcend time and trend comes from his ideology of looking at a space as an extension of personalities and emotions. His multi-dimensional outlook, coupled with his foresight, enabled him to start an organisation that today carries forward his values of putting people first.

Coming from a humble background with its roots in construction, Sathish worked his way through the years to help construct structures with a future-forward sensibility, which exemplified the rapid development that the city would see in the next 20 years. His ‘family first’ philosophy went beyond his peers and clients, as he focused on enabling younger architects to establish themselves as innovators during their formative years. His vision of inclusivity and innovation lives on at SASW.

To build a home,
you have to live
in one first.

Our firm is an amalgamation of Family Values and Corporate Virtues. Our distinct approach to work creates a space for organic interactions between clients and our team. It takes a lot of trust and personal credibility to make sure our clients are at ease when it comes to taking big decisions. Their ideas, taste, and personalities are integrated into our scope of work.

Hierarchy is not a
part of our DNA.

We believe that everyone who’s a part of our team has a voice and a vision. Our open door policy applies to everyone, both internally and externally. When we hire someone, we expand our family. Instead of hiring by the numbers, we hire people who are highly adept at doing a number of things. We are a nurturing platform for young professionals to get on-the-field experience and leadership capabilities.

Meet the people who are the driving force behind SASW today, helping mould the future of Bangalore’s contemporary design.


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